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Joe Goldmark
Photo by Robert Foothorap
        Joe Goldmark at the Riptide, S. F.
Photo by Susan Ballard
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Joe Goldmark's Recordings:

From the Albums:
Pickin' My Pleasures (1978 LP), Vertigo (1980 LP), Rockin' It (1981 LP),
All Over the Road (1994 CD), The Goldmark Round-Up (1996 CD),
Steelin' The Beatles (1997 CD), All Hat No Cattle (1999 CD),
Strong Like Bull (2001 CD), Seducing The '60s (2007 CD)
The Wham of That Steel Man (2012 CD), Steel Drivin' Man (2014 internet)
Blue Steel (2018 CD)

30 Favorite Original Instrumentals (listed alphabetically):
Bargain Bolero
Desert Drive
East Bay Express
Flash Flood
Fog City
Ginger Ale
Glass Beach
Going Up the River
High Road
Just Idling
Kathi's Tune
Night Flight
Ocean View Drive
Okra Dokey
Pasta Puttanesca
Riptide Rock
Rush Hour
Sensitive Like Bull
Sideways Boogaloo
Steel Guitar Parade
Tacky Tango
The Ska's the Limit
Wacky Walk
Warm Rain

More Groovy Original Instrumentals (listed alphabetically)
Blind Date
Coffee Grind
Dede's Delight
Get It
Golden Gate Groove
Green And Gold
Jet Lag
Joe's Jump
Pull String
Stone Country Swing
Stop & Go Shuffle
Two Way Combo

Beatles & Related Instrumental Covers
And Your Bird Can Sing
Awaiting On You All
Baby's In Black
Beware Of Darkness
Crackerbox Palace
Day Tripper
I Feel Fine
I Will
I'll Get You
I'm Only Sleeping
Isn't It A Pity
Penny Lane
Sexy Sadie
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
She's A Woman
The Night Before
You Can't Do That

Rock Instrumental Covers
Alison (Elvis Costello)
Any Day Now (Chuck Jackson)
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob Dylan)
Because They're Young (Duane Eddy)
Bells Of Madness (Brian Wilson)
Black Peter (Grateful Dead)
China Cat Sunflower (Grateful Dead)
Couldn't I Just Tell You (Todd Rundgren)
Country Comfort (Elton John)
Darlin' (Beach Boys)
Dirty Water (The Standells)
Dreaming (Cream)
Edward (Quicksilver Messenger Service/Nicky Hopkins)
Eight Miles High (The Byrds)
Free Ride (Edgar Winter Group)
Glad (Traffic)
Ham Boogie (Norm Hamlet)
Her Strut (Bob Seger)
Hit And Run (JoJo Zep)
I Want To Be With You Forever
Middle Of The Road (The Pretenders)
Peace, Love And Understanding (Elvis Costello)
Pearl Of The Quarter (Steely Dan)
Pedal To The Metal (Chewy Marzolo/Rich Morin)
Presence Of The Lord (Blind Faith)
Remington Ride (Herbie Remington)
Romeo And Juliet (The Reflections)
Rumble (Link Wray)
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands (Bob Dylan)
Spanish Moon (The Travelers)
Sweet Dreams (Don Gibson/Roy Buchanan)
Telstar Stomp (The Tornados)
The Kids Are Alright (The Who)
The Way (Fastball)
Third Stone From The Sun (Jimi Hendrix)
Whispering Pines (The Band)

Favorite Soul, Jazz & World Music Instrumental Covers
Another Star (Stevie Wonder)
Blame It On The Sun (Stevie Wonder)
Chuggin' (Lee Allen)
Double Barrel (Dave & Ansell Collins)
Fantasy (Earth Wind & Fire)
Good Rockin' Tonight (Wynonie Harris)
Guns of Navarone (Skatalites)
Harlem Nocturne (standard)
Hey Girl (Freddie Scott)
John Henry (standard)
Midnight Sun (standard)
More Today Than Yesterday (Spiral Staircase)
My Mother's Eyes (standard)
Natty Dread
Peaches En Regalia (Frank Zappa)
Put It Where You Want It (The Crusaders)
Rico's Lament (The Shakers)
Sabor A Mi (Mexican standard)
Sideman Strut (Keith Allen)
Skokiaan (South African standard)
Snake Eyes (Red Tyler)
Take Four (Willie Mitchell/Dave Brubeck)
The Fez (Steely Dan)
Theme From "Route 66" (Henry Mancini)
These Arms Of Mine (Otis Redding)
Twine Time (Alvin Cash & The Crawlers)
Walk Around Heaven (Caravans)
You Are Everything (Stylistics)

Tunes With Guest Vocalists
A Love So Beautiful (Roy Orbison; Dallis Craft, vcl.)
Ain't It Strange (Dr. Dog; Keta Bill, vcl.)
All Night Worker (Stardusters; Glenn Walters, vcl.)
Beautician Blues (B.B. King; Glenn Walters, vcl.)
Beware Of Darkness (George Harrison; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Caroline No (Beach Boys; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Dirty Work (Steely Dan; Bart Davenport, vcl.)
Every Little Bit Hurts (Brenda Holloway; Brandi shearer, vcl.)
Helpless (Crosby, Stills & Nash; Brandi Shearer, vcl.)
Here Comes My Baby (Tremeloes; Bart Davenport, vcl.)
Hickory Wind (Byrds; Gary Claxton, vcl.)
Howlin' Wind (Graham Parker; Dallis Craft, vcl.)
I Don't Want Control Of You (Teenage Fan Club; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Let Her Dance (Bobby Fuller Four; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich; Joe Goldmark, vcl.)
Long As I Can See The Light (Creedence Clearwater Revival; Keta Bill, vcl.)

Look What Thoughts Will Do (Lefty Frizzell; Dallis Craft, vcl.)
Lover, You Should Have Come Over (Jeff Buckley; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Most likely You Go Your Way (Bob Dylan; Keta Bill, vcl.)
On The Way Home (Buffalo Springfield; Keta Bill, vcl.)
Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash; Gary Claxton, vcl.)
Six O'Clock (Lovin' Spoonful; Bart Davenport, vcl.)
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Percy Sledge; Dallis Craft, vcl.)

We'll Meet Again (Byrds, Vera Lynn; Keta Bill, vcl.)
The Wobble (Jimmy McCracklin; Glenn Walters, vcl.)

    Joe Goldmark blends an eclectic mix of tunes and styles into a truly Americana, country rock shake. One side features Keta Bill, a San Francisco veteran of the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, Big Bang Beat, singing cool country rock vocal tunes, and the other with Joe's soulful instrumentals. A double CD with the same low price. Street Date: May 15, 2012

    Keta's Side     Joe's Side
    1. Long As I Can See The Light 1. The High Road
    2. On The Way Home 2. Palomino
    3. Let Her Dance 3. The Ska's The Limit
    4. Caroline No 4. Riptide Rock
    5. I Donst Want Control Of You 5. Sexy Sadie
    6. Beware Of Darkness 6. Zanzibar
    7. Most Likely You Go Your Way 7. Glass Beach
    8. Lover, You Should've Come Over 8. Guns Of Navarone
    9. We'll Meet Again 9. Any Day Now
    10. Ain't It Strange 10. Dede's Delight
    11. Can't Find My Way Home 11. Pasta Puttanesca
    12. Double Barrel
    13. Tsunami
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    SEDUCING THE 60S This album is only available to watch and listen to on YouTube. It is made up of tunes that were left off of previous albums for a variety of reasons, but are still very fun and interesting. Also there are links to all the tunes above. Thanks for listening - Joe

    1. Ballad of A Thin Man (Bob Dylan)
    2. Two Way Combo
    3. The Coffee Grind
    4. Black Peter (Grateful Dead)
    5. Glad (Traffic)
    6. Remington Ride (Herb Remington)
    7. Dirty Water (Standells)
    8. Dreaming (Cream)
    9. Midnight Sun (standard)
    10. Golden Gate Groove
    11. Stop 'N' Go Shuffle
    12. Hit & Run (Jo Jo Zep)
    13. Middle Of The Road (Pretenders)
    14. I'll Get You (Beatles)
    15. Put It Where You Want It (Crusaders)
    16. Blind Date

    SEDUCING THE 60S Joe Goldmark takes some of his favorite 1960s rock tunes and lovingly tinges them with a soulful, country sound. Vocals are provided by new Amoeba Records artist Brandi Shearer, the versatile Bart Davenport, and "the real deal," Gary Claxton. Special guest guitarist is the wonderful John McFee (Doobies, Elvis Costello, Clover). Songs: 1. Helpless (vcl. Brandi Shearer) 2. Darlin' 3. Here Comes My Baby (vcl. Bart Davenport) 4. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands 5. I Feel Fine 6. Ring Of Fire (vcl. Gary Claxton) 7. Because 8. Dirty Work (vcl. Bart Davenport) 9. The Kids Are Alright 10. Every Little Bit Hurts (vcl. Brandi Shearer) 11. Six O'Clock (vcl. Bart Davenport) 12. Isn't It A Pity 13. Hickory Wind (vcl. Gary Claxton).
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    STRONG LIKE BULL...BUT SENSITIVE LIKE SQUIRREL Half originals, half covers. Soulful! Joe Goldmark has released eight steel guitar albums, and he is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the history of his instrument. With this latest CD, he brings us yet another spectacular release that includes both eclectic covers and strong original material. Ranging from classic R&B numbers ("These Arms of Mine") to country favorites ("Lonely Weekends"), Goldmark recreates the popular perception of this versatile instrument. His ongoing quest is to prove to the world that "the steel guitar can be used in all types of music with great results!"
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    Critically acclaimed. Joe is best known for taking the steel guitar out of a C&W setting, and instead using this awesome instrument to play pop, rock, and soul music. On this album he also ventures into World Music with tunes like "Highlife" & "Skokiaan" (African), "Rico's Lament" (Caribbean), & "Sabor A Mi" (Mexican). However he still can't resist rocking on "Eight Miles High" (The Byrds), "Her Strut" (Bob Seger), "The Way" (Fastball), and on "China Cat Sunflower" (Grateful Dead). He also mixes in some oldies like "Sweet Dreams" (Don Gibson), "Hey Girl" (Freddie Scott), "Whispering Pines" (The Band), and "Because They're Young" (Duane Eddy). Joe is backed by some wonderful players including Jim Campilongo And The 10 Gallon Cats, with whom he has also recorded two albums. If you like the idea of a pedal steel guitar playing some fun music, you'll love this album.
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    12 rocking Beatles tunes. ...updated to the pedal steel. Joe gives his treatment to a great selection of fab four numbers. The wonderful songs created by the Beatles sound like they were written for the pedal steel guitar on this rockin' CD, which also features the excellent playing of some great Bay Area talent. Engineer and guitarist Garth Webber is an alumnus of the Miles Davis band. Mac Cridlin played bass on Stephen Bishop's "On & On" and Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy", and was in Tony Williams' band. Billy Lee Lewis played drums with Marty Balin, Gary Potterton is a top country-rock guitarist, and Pete Elman on keyboards has three of his own highly acclaimed CDs.
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    CD Reissue of the best of Joe's 3 LPs: "Pickin' My Pleasures", "Vertigo", and "Rockin' It". These 20 selections exemplifies Joe's unique melodic treatment of the pedal steel with 9 originals, and covers of songs by The Beatles, Elvis Costello, The Stylistics, Link Wray, and others. Takes the instrument beyond the strict C & W boundaries and into the realm of pop music.
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    Ground breaking music with tunes such as "Third Stone From the Sun", and "Peaches En Regalia". As the title of this release implies, Joe plays music that is not traditionally associated with the pedal steel guitar - great rock and soul tunes played by some of the best musicians in San Francisco. Pedal steel guitar fronts this wacky & well produced album of rock & soul faves. First CD by this virtuoso who has accompanied David Byrne, Michael Bloomfield, Taj Mahal, Maria Muldaur & Norton Buffalo.
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    • CD "Heavy" Crazy baby!
    • CD "Loose" Hot!
    • CD "Jim Campilongo & the 10 Gallon Cats", acclaimed first album

  • Three steel guitar albums (LPs) between 1979 and 1982:
    • "Pickin' My Pleasures"
    • "Vertigo"
    • "Rockin' It"

  • Recorded nine albums with the band the "Usual Suspects" which is an eclectic potpourri of musicians and tunes produced by Tom Stern. Played with artists such as Mike Bloomfield (his last recording), Taj Mahal, Peter Rowan, Norton Buffalo and Maria Muldaur on these recordings.

  • Recorded with many other artists including David Byrne (True Stories), The Mermen (Amazing California), Mr. T Experience (Revenge Is Sweet), Laurie Lewis (Restless Rambling Heart), and Lady Bianca Thornton.
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